Our New shirt design is ready to go and we will have Pics posted soon of what it looks like!!!!!

Drunk On Monday

Drunk On Monday was founded in 2010 as a cover band project. Over the years we have progressed into and all original Rock Band. Our music is edgy with a flare of the past. We incorporate some of the new hard pounding music riffs mixed with awesome old school solos. We currently reside in Oklahoma City, Ok where we put on shows at local venues. Our band consists of Five members. 


Craig Stearnes "Troll"- Lead Guitar

Rick Rich- Bass Guitar

Robby Ellis-Drums

Eric Smith-Vocals.


Drunk On Monday is a Rock/Metal band based out of Oklahoma City, Ok. Drunk On Monday is formed by four members Craig Stearnes (Troll), Robby Ellis, Rick Rich and Eric Smith. Craig Stearnes (Troll) is the lead guitar player and master riff writer he comes to us originally from California. Robby Ellis is the master of rhythm on the drums he also comes to us from California. Rick Rich is the other half of the mastermind behind the rhythm section on bass he comes to us from Oklahoma. Eric Smith is the man with a great set of lungs on vocals he comes to us from Oklahoma.

Drunk On Monday originally started as a cover band project. As the project progressed we all realized we had a love for wanting to do more. So we started writing our own songs. As we progressed and got into it we found a way to capture all of or different styles in our music. We have recently just finished our first album self-titled Drunk On Monday. It contains 11 songs and is an in your face rock/metal album. During this recording process we decided to produce an in studio video which we just released on Facebook and YouTube.

The best way to get to know who Drunk On Monday is and what we do is to hear our music and to see our show live. We have played shows all over Oklahoma City, Ok and are looking to expand that to other states. We have current project in progress  and will be posting events and shows on this page. Drunk On Monday is also always looking for bigger and better opportunities with in the music industry.

The inspiration for Drunk On Monday comes from the music we write and the need to keep writing. All of the members of Drunk On Monday have been involved in the music industry in some form or another for a long time. Music is our passion and it is what we use to create something meaningful. It's the expressions of how we feel about things and an expression of how we like to have fun. As long as there is air being circulated through the lungs of Drunk On Monday we will keep doing what we do........